I have decided a few things, first I am going to measure my weight loss in pounds. I figure that is will make the weight loss look like more of a count down and subsequently make the target weight look more achievable.

On the subject of target weight that is going to be 252 lbs initially, I will re-assess after I reach this weight and see if I am comfortable with it or not. If I set myself a target of losing 2 pounds a week I figure I will reach my target within a year.

Finally I am going to weigh myself on Saturday mornings, the thinking behind this is that historically when ever I have eaten badly it has been on the weekend so if I ever stray I will have the remainder of the week to make amends before the next weigh-in, not that I plan to stray but I am a realist and I know if may happen especially over a year.

My first weigh-in was yesterday and it was 326.2 lbs, a 2.8 lbs drop from my start weight, so a good start…